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What’s The Future For Sunnycrest?

Earlier this year, members of the Dubuque County board of supervisors held a work session with members of the county hospital board of trustees and the Sunnycrest advisory board to talk about the future of Sunnycrest Manor. Sunnycrest is asking the supervisors to help them develop a strategic planning process as some medical providers in the state face an uncertain future. The plan would examine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges facing the long-term care facility and establish longer-term goals. Supervisor chair Dave Baker says the facility needs some guidance, because if you’re standing still, you are losing ground. Baker says Sunnycrest used to be managed by an outside entity, which did not go very well. He says it is a service that is much needed in the county. Sunnycrest has provided services in Dubuque County for over a century. It is the only remaining county-owned long-term care facility in the state.

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