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Wahlert Wrestlers See Damage to Notre Dame Cathedral First Hand

The Wahlert wrestlers and coaches pose for a photo before departing for Paris. Boffeli is second from right.

A handful of Dubuque high school students got to see the aftermath of the Notre Dame cathedral fire up close. A group of wrestlers from Wahlert High School arrived in Paris on Monday to train for an upcoming competition in the Netherlands. They had planned to visit the cathedral as some of their sight-seeing, but what they saw was very different than what they anticipated. Jeremy Boffeli, one of the Wahlert coaches on the trip, says their group saw the smoke from the fire on their way into Paris, but didn’t realize the magnitude of what had happened until they were able to get connected to the internet and social media. Boffeli says the Paris residents he’s seen still seem to be in a state of shock. The Wahlert group includes three coaches, one parent, and five wrestlers. Boffeli says the high schoolers seem to have a good perspective on what they’ve seen, but only expects that to grow in the future. There’s not been a dollar figure put on the damage to the 850-year-old cathedral, though donations of more than $700 million have been pledged.

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