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Voices of the Tri-States is a 30-minute public affairs program heard daily Mon-Fri from 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm featuring local, state, and national newsmakers and hosted by Cindy Kohlmann. Voices of the Tri-States addresses the issues and topics of the day in a listener-friendly way.  You are invited to call in at 563-690-1370 or 1-800-422-5384 to ask questions of our guests.

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11/16/18 – TBA

11/15/18 – TBA

11/14/18 – Representatives of Hospice of Dubuque – National Hospice Month

11/13/18 – Stan Rheingans, Superintendent – Dubuque Community School Issues

11/12/18 – John Pregler, Historian – Congressional Medal of Honor Winners From the Tri-States

11/9/18 – Danielle Peterson – Update on Dubuque Area United Way

11/8/18 – Ray Kruse, Dubuque County ISU Extension Local Foods Systems Coordinator and Mike Wright, Master Gardener – Getting Plants Ready For Winter

11/7/18 – Local Quilters – Area Quilting Show

11/6/18 – Mayor Roy Buol – City of Dubuque Issues

11/5/18 – Tom Robbins, Executive Director and Rodney Marsalis, The Philadelphia Big Brass – Preview of the University of Dubuque Heritage Center performance “Brothers on the Battlefield: The Power of Love”

11/2/18 – Shannon Lundgren, Incumbent Candidate and Nancy Fett, Democratic Challenger – Iowa House District 57 Race

11/1/18 – Ann McDonough, Democratic Supervisors Candidate – Dubuque County Board of Supervisors Race

10/31/18 – Dan Adcock, the Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare – Future of Social Security and Medicare and John Pregler, Local Historian – Dubuque Civil War History

10/30/18 – Pam Shaw, District Manager of the Dubuque Social Security Office – Social Security Issues

10/29/18 – Iowa Congressman Rod Blum – Federal Issues

10/26/18 – Pauline Chilton, Republican Candidate – Iowa House District 99 Race and Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson – Federal Issues

10/25/18 – Carol Trueg, Chief Administrator – Holy Family Schools

10/24/18 – Daryl Klein, Dubuque County Supervisor – Dubuque County Issues

10/23/18 – Jake Porter, Governor Candidate and Rick Stewart, Agriculture Secretary Candidate – Iowa Libertarian State Candidates

10/22/18 – Iowa Senator Charles Grassley

10/19/18 – Lindsay James, Democratic Candidate – Iowa House District Race

10/18/18 – Carrie Koelker, Candidate and Incumbent State Senator Tod Bowman – Iowa Senate District 29 Race

10/17/18 – Mayor Roy Buol – City of Dubuque Issues

10/16/18 – John Pregler, Local Historian – Historic Dubuque: Civil War History in the City

10/15/18 – Curt Kiesling, Candidate – Dubuque County Board of Supervisors Race

10/12/18 – Jay Wickham, Dubuque County Board of Supervisors Chair – Dubuque County Issues

10/11/18 – Mike Wright, Director – Dubuque County Library District

10/10/18 – Ray Kruse, Dubuque County ISU Extension Local Foods Coordinator – Gardening

10/9/18 – Tami Ryan, Dubuque School Board President – Dubuque Community School Issues

10/8/18 – Mary Potter-Kenyon, Shalom Program Director – Grief Retreat at Shalom Spirituality Center

10/5/18 – Randy Rennison, Dubuque County Commission of Veterans Affairs Executive Director – Veterans Issues

10/4/18 – Tom Robbins, Executive Director – Upcoming Events at the Heritage Center at the University of Dubuque

10/3/18 – Larry Trannel, ISU Dairy Specialist – New Trade Agreement and Dairy Industry

10/2/18 – Ric Jones, City Councilman – City of Dubuque Issues

10/1/18 – Iowa Senator Charles Grassley – Federal Issues

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