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Top Baby Names

Babies born at hospitals around the Tri-States were largely given more traditional names in 2018. That’s according to the lists of top baby names from Mercy Medical Center and the Unity Point health system, which operates Dubuque’s Finley Hospital. At Unity Point’s 19 hospitals across Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin, Oliver was the most common boy’s name. Liam came in second, followed by William, Owen, and Theodore. As for girls, there were more Harpers born at Unity Point hospitals than any other name. Evelyn was the second-most popular name, followed by Charlotte, Emma, and Ava. At Mercy, Leo topped the list of boy names. Owen was among the most popular there, as well, coming in second. Other common names included Henry, William, and Maverick. Nora was the most popular girl’s name at Mercy, followed by Charlotte, Emma, Elizabeth, and Grace.

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