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Texas Woman Sentenced For Driving Meth To Dubuque

A woman who drove methamphetamine from Texas to Dubuque will be spending some time behind bars. 34 year old Veronica Hinkle of Dallas pled guilty in September to one federal count of conspiracy to distribute meth and was sentenced yesterday to more than six years in prison. Records show that in June of 2017, Hinkle was recruited by her boyfriend to drive one kilogram of ice methamphetamine from Dallas to be delivered to a Dubuque man. Over the next six months Hinkle made multiple trips to Dubuque, each time delivering at least a kilogram of ice meth to the man and his associates. In January of 2018, she helped package nearly a kilogram of pure meth for her co-conspirators, but the package was intercepted by law enforcement officials in Iowa. Hinkle’s boyfriend and the man she delivered the kilogram of meth to were sentenced earlier for their roles in the conspiracy.

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