1055 University Ave, Dubuque, IA 52001
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TestIowa Dubuque Test Limit

State officials have directed the company operating the TestIowa site in Dubuque to limit the number of tests it administers per day for the illness caused by the novel coronavirus. Epic Health & Wellness has been told to only provide 100 tests per day at the TestIowa location in the city, located at 1075 Cedar Cross Road. The clinic will be open from 6 am to 7 am on Monday through Thursday, starting this week. If the site tests 100 people before 7 am, no further testing will be conducted until the next day the clinic is open. Additionally, persons who need assistance in filling out the form on the TestIowa website to become eligible for a test can no longer rely on the Dubuque Visiting Nurses Association for help. State officials instead recommend asking a family member or friend to help with the form. A total of 17,319 tests for COVID-19 have been reported in Dubuque County since the pandemic began. 23 people have died from the disease in the county. Dubuque County has seen a recent surge in cases of COVID-19, with 393 cases in the last 14 days of complete data before July 20.

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