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Some Dubuquers Discarding Masks

A mandatory mask mandate is currently in effect in Dubuque, and while the majority of people are wearing them, some are discarding their masks on lawns, sidewalks and streets throughout the city. Mayor Roy Buol says it’s just unfortunate that some people refuse to accept or recognize the mask mandate. Buol says it’s sad that some people would throw away face masks that have been scientifically proven to reduce the spread of COVID during a worldwide pandemic. The decision to lift the mandate will be made by the city council, but until then Buol says they will continue to listen to the medical professionals. Last month, the group Unmask Dubuque presented a petition to the council that call for an immediate removal of the mandate, but the council voted to keep the mandate in place. If you are caught not wearing a mask when it’s appropriate, you will be cited by police and fined ten dollars.

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