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Senior’s Hansen Named Top Leader by DAYLC

A student from Senior High School has been named the Dubuque area’s top young leader. Katie Hansen received that recognition from the Dubuque Area Youth Leadership Council, or DAYLC, during its awards ceremony on Wednesday. Hansen will now represent the Tri-States at the National Council on Youth Leadership’s annual Town Meeting on Tomorrow conference, which will be held in St. Louis next month. Belle Sander of Cuba City was chosen as Hansen’s runner-up and will also have the opportunity to attend that conference. The two both receive scholarships on top of their recognition, with Hansen receiving $1,000 and Sander getting $750. Each year, DAYLC selects the area’s top high school leaders from a group of one hundred who are nominated by their schools. The students come from ten Tri-State high schools, and must excel academically. They also typically participate in multiple extra-curricular activities.

The top ten leaders, as chosen by the DAYLC board:

Katie Hansen, Dubuque Senior

Belle Sander, Cuba City

Brady Booth, Dubuque Senior

Dani Goedken, Beckman

Myra Clasen, Western Dubuque

Brian Cochran, Dubuque Wahlert

Jack Doyle, Dubuque Wahlert

Cassie Murray, Cuba City

Maya Osterhaus, Beckman

Shelby Westhoff, Beckman

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