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Rural Dubuque Man Accused of Cashing Checks from Dead Man’s Account

Cashing checks from a dead man’s account has led to a pair of felony charges for a rural Dubuque man. 33-year-old Zachary Vondran was arrested on Monday morning and is charged with two counts of Forgery. According to police, Vondran deposited a check in the drive-up at a local credit union branch in late February, using the deposit to cover a $250 withdrawal. The following day, the credit union got word that the account the check had been written from was closed after its owner died two years ago. Less than a week later, Vondran reportedly deposited another check from the account in an ATM. This time, the check wasn’t signed, but instead had “computer” written on the signature line. Surveillance images from the credit union were used to identify Vondran. Police say that during questioning, he admitted to depositing the checks, and to writing “computer” on the second one.

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