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Road Closure Dangerous In Peosta

Some homeowners in Dubuque County subdivisions say an ongoing road closure is creating dangerous driving conditions. The road that’s closed is called “Ulyana Drive”, which connects Thunder Hill and Cox Springs Roads. It’s the only road that connects these neighborhoods, other than U.S. Highway 20. For nearly 400 homes on the east side of Peosta, they have to cross the busy highway multiple times a day. Typically motorists who live in the area would take the back road…Ulyana Drive. It can help people get into the center of Peosta without having to go onto the highway. It being closed has highlighted some concerns according to city administrator Whitney Baethke. She tells our coverage partners at KCRG TV the city doesn’t actually own the road. Now the city is hoping to gain control of the road, but it also wants to create a second access point. The city hopes to work with the Iowa DOT to make the Cox Springs and Thunder Hills intersection safer. Ulyana Drive is closed due to the construction of a new subdivision. Developers closed the road in the summer and were supposed to reopen it by the end of October. It is now expected to reopen by Thanksgiving. In the meantime developers have agreed to temporarily reopen the road by laying gravel on Ulyana Drive. But that won’t happen until the snow melts.

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