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River Levels Begin to Fall in Many Areas, But Warnings Continue

River levels are now falling in many parts of the Tri-State area, but Flood Warnings are still in effect for several waterways around the region. Here in Dubuque, the Mississippi River is still on the rise, with a Flood Warning in effect. The river is expected to reach the flood stage of 17 feet tonight, before cresting at 17.8 feet tomorrow evening. The National Weather Service had initially said the Flood Warning would expire on Tuesday. But it now says the river will remain above flood stage through at least next Thursday.

In Elkader, the Turkey River topped out at 18.4 feet last night. That’s about 6.5 feet above flood stage, but still well shy of the initial crest forecasts. The Flood Warning for the Turkey will remain in effect until Sunday morning, which is when the river is expected to fall back below flood stage.

The Maquoketa River is on the way down in Manchester. It reached a depth of 17.7 feet last night, but the river level has dropped a foot already since then. It’s expected to fall below flood stage this afternoon or tonight. Meanwhile in Maquoketa, the river crest is expected yet this morning at about 32.3 feet. That’s well into what’s considered “Major Flooding” and only about three feet from the record river depth. The Flood Warning in Maquoketa will remain in effect through Sunday morning.

The Pecatonica River has also started to drop in both Blanchardville and Darlington. In Blanchardville, the river level reached just past the 16-foot level late last night. It’s not fallen much from there, but is expected to begin receding today. It’s expected to go back below flood stage tomorrow night. In Darlington, the crest happened yesterday evening at 17.6 feet. That’s about four feet above flood stage. The Pecatonica has fallen about a half a foot since, and will continue to trend downward until going below flood stage during the midday hours tomorrow.

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