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River Drops Below “Action Stage,” Miller-Riverview Status Unclear

Courtesy: National Weather Service

The Mississippi River at Dubuque is back below the so-called “action stage,” but there’s no indication of when a popular riverside park and campground will reopen. The river’s level at the Railroad Bridge fell below 15 feet at about 5:00 yesterday morning. That’s the level when Dubuque parks officials will close Miller-Riverview Park. After previous flooding events, the parks department has said it will typically take at least two weeks for Miller-Riverview to reopen after the river level falls below that “action stage.” But when the park flooded earlier this year, city crews were able to get it ready for visitors in just less than two weeks. This is the fifth year out of the last six that Miller-Riverview Park has been closed due to high waters on the Mississippi.

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