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Residents of Island Near Guttenberg Displaced by Flooding

Abel Island near Guttenberg is underwater due to Mississippi River flooding (Courtesy: KCRG).

The Mississippi River is at its crest in Guttenberg, where the river has cut off access to several homes. The river at Guttenberg currently sits at 19.4 feet, which is in the “moderate flood” range. But Abel Island, which sits just north of the main town of Guttenberg, is underwater. That’s forced its residents to higher ground. Bob Waterhouse and his wife Darlene are two of those residents. They are staying at The Landing in Guttenberg until the situation improves, which could be at least a week away. Jamie Gamerdinger owns The Landing, which is fuller than usual right now because of those displaced island homeowners. But he says the flood is cutting into his fishing tour business. Most of Guttenberg is protected by a levee that was built following the historic flood of 1965. But Mayor Bill Frommelt says before it was in place, floodwaters could come several blocks into the town. City leaders are closely monitoring the levee. Ponds and canals in the middle of town have filled up, so pumps are being used to remove some of that water. But the town has not yet done any sandbagging.

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