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Proposal Would Give NarCan to Every Iowa Police Officer

Every police officer in the state of Iowa could soon have access to the medication that likely saved a Dubuque officer’s life. Last week, a Dubuque Police officer became sick and lost consciousness after coming into contact with a powdery substance during an investigation. The officer was treated with NarCan, which is used to combat opioid overdoses, before being taken to the hospital. Now Iowa state officials want to put NarCan in the hands of every officer in the state. The Iowa Department of Public Health has applied for a federal grant to supply departments throughout the state with NarCan kits. The kits can cost as much as $200, and Kevin Gabbert from the Department of Public Health says he doesn’t want that cost to keep police from having the medication. Data shows that opioid overdose deaths are trending down in Iowa. Last year, there were 137 deaths across the state, compared to 206 in 2017. But Gabbert says there’s still more work to be done. The total cost of the NarCan program is estimated to be around $400,000.

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