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Police: Use of Counterfeit Money Increasing

A phony $100 bill recently seized by Dubuque Police.

Police in Dubuque are warning anyone who handles cash to be on the lookout for fake money. The department says the use of counterfeit bills is on the rise, not only locally, but across the country. In the most recent case for the Dubuque Police Department, a fake $100 bill being circulated has foreign language characters printed on the back. They say it also doesn’t feel like real US currency. According to the department, Dubuque police have worked more than 120 cases involving counterfeit bills this year. They have collected bills ranging from 5 to 100 dollars. Police urge anyone who handles cash, whether at a retail store or for selling items on an online marketplace, to take the time to examine large bills. Be especially cautious of people using large bills to pay for inexpensive items.

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