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Phoenix Theatres Reopening

The Phoenix Theatres at Kennedy Mall has announced they will be reopening on Thursday, August 27th. According to Joe Cork, Phoenix Theatres Director of Marketing, they will incorporate both CDC and local government standards on how a theatre should safely operate. They have installed a new reserved seating program in their computer system that allows guests to select their seat in advance either on their web site or newly developed mobile app. The computer will automatically remove two seats between each pair sold, creating a checkerboard style pattern. This will provide six feet of separation between guests to safely social distance while watching a film. Other safety protocols in place include having each employee wear masks and other protective equipment, guests will be required to wear face masks when moving about the theatre, streamlined transactions at the ticketing and concession stand to further minimize touch points. The theatre will also use a food grade disinfectant spray on all seats that removes 99.99% of all viruses on surfaces within 30 seconds and will be using this spray on high touch points throughout the building, including the restrooms and concession areas. To view Phoenix Theatres re-opening video plan and a complete listing of safety protocols, visit their web site in advance at: www.phoenixmovies.net/covid.

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