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National News

WASHINGTON (AP) – It didn’t take long for Democrats and Republicans in Wednesday’s impeachment hearing to stake out their positions on President Donald Trump’s actions toward Ukraine. Democrats say the opening day of public testimony revealed a striking account of Trump abusing his office by holding up military aid and seeking investigations of his political rivals. Republicans counter that the first two witnesses offered little more than second-hand stories of Trump’s actions.

WASHINGTON (AP) – House Democrats are lining up a few more witnesses for closed-door testimony in the impeachment hearings. An official at the U.S. Embassy in Kyiv, David Holmes, is set to speak privately with investigators on Friday. A person familiar with the matter tells The Associated Press that Holmes is the person who overheard President Donald Trump and ambassador Gordon Sondland discuss Ukraine and investigations. Friday’s public testimony comes from the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine.

JERUSALEM (AP) – Gaza militants fired a barrage of rockets into Israel hours after a cease-fire was declared to bring to an end to two days of intense fighting. Air raid sirens went off in several communities on Thursday near the Gaza Strip as at least five rockets could be seen blasting out of the territory.

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) – Normal life in Bolivia returned only briefly Wednesday morning after former President Evo Morales stepped down over the weekend, left the country and Senate leader Jeanine AƱez claimed the interim presidency. Later Wednesday, violent clashes erupted between Morales loyalists and police in Bolivia’s capital and raged well into the night with rock-throwing protests. Morales supporters also flooded into the streets in La Paz’s sister city of El Alto.

HONG KONG (AP) – Hong Kong police have warned protesters that they are moving “one step closer to terrorism” by sinking the city into chaos, as riot squads skirmished with militant students at major universities. A police spokesman denied a report that his department had been asked to enforce a possible curfew this weekend. In unusually harsh language, he said anti-government students were turning university campuses into “weapons factories” and a “hotbed” of crime.

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