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Mississippi River Reaches Crest at Dubuque

The Mississippi River has reached its anticipated crest at Dubuque earlier than expected. The river climbed to a depth of 22.5 feet at the Dubuque Railroad Bridge at about 3:00 this morning. According to the National Weather Service, the river will hold at that level until tomorrow afternoon, when it begins to slowly fall. The Mississippi is currently predicted to dip below the “major flood” stage of 21.5 feet either late Monday night or early Tuesday morning. It’s still unclear when it would fall below the overall flood stage, which is 17 feet.
Upriver in Guttenberg, the river reached its crest of 19.5 feet yesterday afternoon. It’ll be at that level until this evening, when the river begins to recede. The Mississippi there is in the “moderate flood” range, but will fall back to “minor flooding” when it goes below a depth of 18 feet on Tuesday afternoon.
In Bellevue, the Mississippi just pushed past the “major flood” stage of 20 feet last night. It’s expected to crest at 20.3 feet tomorrow morning. The Mississippi will stay above that “major flood” stage through the weekend, dropping back below 20 feet on Monday afternoon.

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