1055 University Ave, Dubuque, IA 52001
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Microsoft Scam Hits Dubuque

For the past few weeks some residents in Dubuque have reported different variations of a scam involving people claiming to be with Microsoft and attempting to gain access to personal computers. Dubuque police Lt. Joe Messerich says this “tech support scam” is the latest in a number of scams to hit the city. Messerich says legitimate businesses will not call you or notify you out of the blue telling you that you need to pay them money. If you think you are, or have been scammed, contact your local financial institution. Messerich says other ways to sniff out a fraud is to remember that no legitimate business is going to accept a payment in the form of a gift card or ask you to mail or wire them money. Those transactions are done with credit cards or checks.

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