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Members of US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team Injured During Training

Three members of the US Army parachute team that’s a fixture at Dubuque’s July 3rd airshow and fireworks have been injured during training in Florida. NBC6 in Miami is reporting that three members of the Army Golden Knights were taken to a local hospital early this morning. The accident happened as the parachute team was conducting its winter training at the Homestead Air Force Base about 25 miles south of Miami. The three people injured were taken from the base to a trauma center in Miami. At least one of them was listed in critical condition. Sources told NBC6 that the incident happened while the Golden Knights were practicing what’s known as a “halo jump.” In that maneuver, the parachutists jump from a plane about 14,000 feet in the air, but don’t open their parachutes until shortly before reaching the ground.


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