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Kwik Stop-Charitable Partnerships 2020

The largest, locally owned chain of convenience stores, Kwik Stop has announced a new philanthropic partnership. Tessa Fahey, Director of Retail Operations, says over the past decade Kwik Stop, Dairy Queen and Fazoli’s customers spare change has added up to well over 1-miilion dollars for local nonprofits. Fahey says it would not be possible without the community’s generosity. Heather Hamm, Kwik Care liaison, says during each partner’s designated month, all money collected from Kwik Care canisters is donated to the organization. Local nonprofits can now submit applications for the program in 2020. It’s an easy process to complete a Kwik Care partnership application form at gokwikstop.com. Non-profits need to submit an application on or before Tuesday, November 12th. Selected partners will be featured in Kwik Stop, Dairy Queen and Fazoli’s stores. The non-profits selected will be announced in early December.

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