1055 University Ave, Dubuque, IA 52001
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Gun Store Owner Explains Iowa Laws

In the wake of two mass shootings that happened over the weekend, people may be wondering what are the gun laws in their state? In Dubuque, Gun Depot owner Ken Freiburger explains some firearms terms and what’s legal in Iowa. Among the items sold in his store are AR-15 style rifles. He says it’s a semi-automatic weapon, which means someone has to pull the trigger to fire each bullet. Freiburger says many people think the AR in AR-15 stands for assault rifle. That’s not true. He says assault rifles are something totally different. Freiburger says those rifles can be purchased in Iowa with special permits and licenses. Those guns can cost thousands of dollars, compared to an AR-15 that could cost less than 500. The rifles take what’s referred to as high capacity magazines. Those are also legal to purchase in Iowa. Freiburger notes that it’s illegal to modify a semi-automatic weapon to become automatic in Iowa.

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