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Five Flags GM: City’s Subsidy Continues to Decrease

The Five Flags Center is making strides toward reducing the amount of money it needs from the city to operate each year. That was the main message from Five Flags General Manager HR Cook as he delivered the arena’s annual report to the Dubuque City Council this week. While Five Flags more than doubled its income in Fiscal Year 2018 compared to the previous year, it still required almost $845,000 from the city to cover its operating deficit. At the same time as Five Flags’ income was increasing, the facility’s expenses also went up by 14%. Cook believes those expenses have leveled off. Five Flags boosted the value of its sponsorship agreements by nearly four times in FY18 and has a goal to continue the increase in the coming year. Cook expects increased sponsorships to play a major role in cutting into the city’s subsidy to the center. After Cook’s presentation, Councilman Brett Shaw commended him on his efforts, saying they are clearly working. Councilman David Resnick also applauded the center’s work to become more self-sustaining while staying accessible to the Dubuque community. Next year will mark the 40th anniversary of the opening of the Five Flags Arena.

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