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Fish and Chips

Happy Friday friends! Well, today on “Cookin’ with Kaye”, which you hear Friday’s at 8:20am on AM1370KDTH or KDTH.com, my weekly cooking show, I was thinking ahead to the upcoming Lenten season because Cremer’s Grocery on Rhomberg has some great seafood to enjoy. This week, I made “Fish & Chips”, a classic English dish. And, it’s so easy, especially when all you have to do is pop everything on a baking dish and pop it in the oven! The feature item this week is at Cremer’s is “Pub Style Battered Cod Filets”. 5 lb. bag, $4.99lb, so, about $25 for 18-20 battered cod filets in each bag (approx.). They are 3-4 oz. each. These are restaurant style cod filets, just like you’d get when you either go to a restaurant or fast food place. I also picked up the “chips”, which we “Yanks” call “French Fries”. And, Jeff Cremer has them on sale! A 6lb. bag is $6.99. These are the “shoestring” style, just like fast food fries (oh so good!). The battered cod filets are so good, lite and flakey. I also grabbed a bottle of “Moses” Fish Shop Tarter Sauce while I was at Cremer’s on Rhomberg. It’s the best tarter sauce I’ve ever tasted! One things for sure, these will go a long way during the Lenten season, since they’re frozen, just take out what you need and pop them in the oven, Air Fryer, or Deep Fryer. Check out the Dubuque Advertiser for all of Cremer’s specials, and, check out Van’s Liquor Store full page sale ad and stock up on some great beverage specials from Jeff Jansen. Thanks again to our 3rd sponsor of “Cookin’ with Kaye”, Happee Smith Productions. I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of seafood, but, these cod filets hit the spot! Good stuff friends!

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