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CEO of Field of Dreams Movie Site Parent Company Dies 

The leader of the Field of Dreams Movie Site has died. Denise Stillman passed away on Wednesday due to complications from a rare form of cancer, according to a posting on the movie site’s Facebook page. Stillman was a part of the group that purchased the field from its original owners, the Lansing family, in 2011. From there, she helped to found Go The Distance Baseball, the company that now oversees the operation of the movie site. During Stillman’s time at the field, she helped to increase access to the filming location, opening up the farmhouse to tours. Stillman also helped create the “Team of Dreams” event that brings baseball Hall of Famers and thousands of visitors to the field each Labor Day weekend. According to the posting, Stillman left succession plans in place in the event of her death. Go the Distance’s new leaders say they will continue to work toward Stillman’s vision of a state of the art baseball/softball tournament complex at the Field of Dreams site.

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