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ED Mayor To Pursue Early Closing Bar Hours Again

The mayor of East Dubuque says he is not giving up on efforts to have bars in the city close earlier than they currently do. City Manager Loras Herrig brought a proposal to the city council at its’ meeting this week that would eliminate the city’s Class B liquor license and force those establishments to close at 2 am instead of the current time of 3:30 am. The council voted 5-to-1 to reject the proposal, thus allowing the bars to continue to stay open until 3:30. Mayor Kirk Van Ostrand vows to bring the measure back to the council table for a vote in the very near future. Van Ostrand says he was stunned by the vote’s outcome. City Manager Herrig proposed the earlier closing hour. He says there has been an uptick in crime in the downtown area after 2 am and closing the bars an hour-and-a-half early would cut down on some of the criminal activity. Van Ostrand agrees. Van Ostrand says after reviewing the city’s liquor ordinances, he hopes to bring the issue back up again sometime next year.

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