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Dubuque Woman Accused of Taking $48,000 from Elderly Aunt

For the second time this week, a Dubuque woman has been accused of stealing money from an elderly relative. 53-year-old Kathryn Billmeyer was arrested on Wednesday morning and is facing one count each of Dependent Adult Abuse and 2nd Degree Theft. According to court documents, Billmeyer has Power of Attorney over a 96-year-old aunt who suffers from dementia. From November of 2016 through May of this year, police allege that Billmeyer used her aunt’s bank account to rack up $48,000 in charges at fast food restaurants, gas stations, clothing stores, and online services like Amazon and Spotify. She’s also accused of using her aunt’s money to have her nursing license renewed and for veterinary services. At the same time, the aunt’s monthly bill at Stonehill was not being paid. Stonehill had given Billmeyer a 30-day notice that they would terminate her aunt’s care this spring. Then in mid-May, Billmeyer paid her aunt’s bill of nearly $34,000 in full. If Billmeyer’s convicted on both charges against her, she face up to ten years in prison.

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