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Dubuque Woman Accused of Stealing $140,000 from Mother

$140,000. That’s how much money Dubuque Police say a local woman stole from her own mother’s bank accounts in a little more than a year. 54-year-old Susan Shea was arrested Wednesday morning and has been charged with a felony count of Dependent Adult Abuse. According to court documents, police first began looking into allegations that Shea was stealing from her mother in January. That’s when a Department of Human Services employee alerted police to the possible theft. After reviewing Shea’s mother’s financial statements, police say at least $140,000 went missing from her accounts between December 2016 and this past January. Court documents indicate that most of the money was taken through ATM withdrawals. Shea’s accused of taking out an average of about $4,700 over the course of 19 withdrawals each month. Police say bank surveillance images show Shea, and not her mother, making nearly all of the withdrawals.

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