1055 University Ave, Dubuque, IA 52001
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Dubuque Scam Warning

The Dubuque Police Department is reminding people to be alert for phone scams. On Thursday a citizen reported a new twist to the grandparent/grandchild scam to Dubuque Police. The citizen received a call from an individual posing as her grandson and was told he had been in an accident in the Chicago area and needed cash immediately to settle court costs. The citizen was instructed to withdrawal $16,900 from her bank account, place the money in a shoebox and take it to a local UPS store where a shipping label was prepared and waiting for her. After the money was sent the citizen received a second call requesting an additional $22,000. The citizen’s bank believed she was being scammed and stopped her from withdrawing any additional money. Dubuque Police say if you receive a call from someone claiming to be a family member in desperate need of money resist the urge to act immediately and contact a trusted family member.




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