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Dubuque Police: Suspect Identified in Grandview Jogger Attack

Dubuque Police have identified a suspect in the attack on a jogger earlier this week. But at this time, the man has not been arrested and no charges have been filed. According to police, the attack happened at about 7:00 Sunday night. A young woman was running by herself on South Grandview Avenue, near Fire Station #5, when a man began jogging alongside her. He asked her several questions and offered her flowers before trying to grab the woman. She kicked and punched the man and was able to free herself. Assistant Police Chief Jeremy Jensen says police are withholding the suspect’s name until he’s arrested or charges are filed. Jensen is confident that police saying they have identified a suspect will keep the individual from attempting any additional attacks. Another reason police are announcing that they’ve identified the suspect is to ease some of the community’s fears over the incident. Those fears have only been heightened by cases from other parts of Iowa. Reports and rumors about the attack spread quickly over social media on Sunday night and Monday morning, with some people questioning the victim’s story. Jensen cautions people against letting the hysteria that develops on social media from overcoming their better judgment.

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