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Dubuque Police, Sheriff’s Dept. Reviewing “Place of Last Drink” Tracking Program


Law enforcement leaders in Dubuque haven’t decided if they’ll participate in a new effort to track where intoxicated people are coming from. The so-called “Place of Last Drink” initiative is being spear-headed by the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division and a national non-profit. Under the program, police would ask those arrested for drunken driving or public intoxication where they were served their last drink. That information would be compiled and could lead to penalties for problem establishments. But the program is not mandatory, leaving it up to individual agencies whether to opt in or not. Dubuque Police spokesman Lt. Joe Messerich says the department is reviewing the program, but it’s too early to say whether they’ll participate. Dubuque County Sheriff Joe Kennedy also wants more information before making a decision on the program. “Place of Last Drink” tracking is already in place in a dozen states.

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