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Dubuque Man Man Jailed For Setting Fire To His Apartment

A Dubuque man was arrested this week after police say he set fire to his apartment so that he could go to jail and get “three hots and a cot.” Courts records from Dubuque County say 33 year old Matthew Voseberg was taken into custody Wednesday night and charged with first degree arson. Fire crews responded to Voseberg’s apartment in the one thousand block of Bluff Street at around 6:15 Wednesday evening. When they arrived smoke was coming from the second floor of the complex. After putting out the fire, crews found some clothing that was heavily burned just inside the door of Voseberg’s apartment. Voseberg was sitting on the front porch of his apartment building and admitted to setting the fire with a cigarette lighter. The apartment as well as other parts of the complex sustained smoke and heat damage. Voseberg told investigators that after starting the fire he went to an apartment on the first floor and told the resident there what he had done and to get out. He then called 911 sat on the porch and waited for authorities to arrive. First degree arson carries a sentence of up to 25 years in prison.

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