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Dubuque Leaders Against Property Tax Bill

Van Milligen

City leaders in Dubuque are among those from across the state of Iowa coming out against a proposed bill that would change how property tax increases are approved. The measure is House File 773. It would require city councils, county supervisor boards, and school districts to vote on any proposed property tax increase of more than two percent. Lawmakers supporting the bill say rising property values essentially let cities, counties, and school districts raise taxes without notifying the public. State Representative Lee Hein, who represents Jones County, says the measure would increase transparency in tax policy. The city of Dubuque on Monday sent a letter to state lawmakers, calling the bill an “unnecessary attack” on the longstanding state policy of local control. City Manager Mike Van Milligen added “there are already systems in place for residents to dispute budgets and promote government transparency.” The bill was approved by the House Ways and Means Committee last week. It now goes before the full Iowa House.

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