1055 University Ave, Dubuque, IA 52001
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Dubuque Dish Network Scam

The Dubuque Police Department is warning people about a scam that has surfaced in the community. Someone called the department this week and said they had received several phone calls from someone claiming to be with Dish Network. The scammer knew the person’s name and address and told the potential victim that their receivers were out of date and needed an upgrade. The caller ID showed the number was from Dish Network, however, it was later found to be spoofed. The scammer said the person needed to pay a company called “Sat-Pros” a one-time payment of nearly 200 dollars for the software update and then asked for the person’s credit card information to process the charge. The potential victim did not provide any additional information to the caller and contacted Dish Network’s Fraud Team. They said this was a scam. The Fraud Team says Dish never calls customers asking for personal financial information.

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