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Dubuque Council Advances Plan to Require Sidewalks on JFK Road

The Dubuque City Council took the next step toward requiring the installation of sidewalks along one of the city’s heavily traveled roads. The council voted Monday night to direct city staff to draft language which would require sidewalks to be placed along John F. Kennedy Road between its intersections with Asbury Road and the Northwest Arterial. The proposal had come before the council twice before, but previous council members passed on the requirement due to opposition from residents. Many of those same residents, including Jolene Rettenberger, again spoke against the plan. Bill Stoffel, who lives a couple blocks off of JFK, said that the lack of a sidewalk has limited pedestrian traffic. Councilman Brett Shaw said it was clear that sidewalks are needed in the area. Councilman Jake Rios agreed with Shaw, but opposed the plan because it was too focused on one street. Mayor Roy Buol noted that JFK is the only street of its kind in Dubuque without sidewalks. The council voted 5-2 to require the sidewalks, with Rios and Luis Del Toro against. Shaw’s proposal to have the city share the cost did not go forward, though the city did agree to take over snow removal on the properties behind Gordon Drive.

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