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Domestic Assault Charges

An Arizona man is facing numerous charges after police say he assaulted the mother of his child in Dubuque. 25 year old Kawann Brown was arrested Tuesday afternoon on charges of False Imprisonment, two counts of Domestic Assault, Obstruction of Emergency Communications and Child Endangerment. Police responded to a report of a domestic assault in the 2-thousand block of Pasadena Road. A woman there told them Brown had been visiting for his son’s birthday. Brown and the woman began arguing and when she attempted to call 911, Brown grabbed the phone from her and slapped her several times. He then took her into a bedroom and punched her causing her to fall to the floor. He then put his knee on her back preventing her from getting up. He also choked her. The woman was able to flee the apartment and run to the manager’s office and call 911. When she returned with the manager, Brown was standing outside holding a knife to his neck and threatening to harm himself if she called police. Brown’s 2 year old son was present when the incident occurred.

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