1055 University Ave, Dubuque, IA 52001
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Dead Fish Found In Aftermath Of Spill In Dubuque

Officials with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources report finding elevated ammonia levels and dead fish in the southeastern corner of Bee Branch Pond in Dubuque. The dead fish and elevated levels of ammonia were discovered Monday during a follow-up check by DNR officials at the site of the fertilizer spill on Kerper Blvd. that happened last Wednesday. High ammonia levels were found in rainwater running off the Gavilion Grain parking lot. Although the spill has been contained, the DNR believes recent rains may have washed fertilizer into the pond. Gavilion is working with an environmental contractor to ensure storm water is contained and pumped up. They are also checking for underground piping that may drain to the pond. So far DNR fisheries and law enforcement are conducting a fish count, and they’ve found mostly game fish, including dead bluegill, walleye, large mouth bass, northern pike and channel catfish. The spill occurred after a pump was left running while transferring fertilizer from a barge. The DNR will continue to monitor cleanup and consider appropriate enforcement action.

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