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COVID-9 MercyOne Doctor

Increased positive cases of COVID-19 are being confirmed in Dubuque County and elsewhere as community exposure to the virus is increasing. Dr. Hendrik Schultz of MercyOne and Medical Associates Clinic says the good news is Dubuque’s mortality rate is well below the national average, in part because there has been enough Personal Protective Equipment. Although older people have made up the majority of deaths in Dubuque County, young people are still at risk too. Dr. Schultz says wearing a mask is the best way not to infect others even if you don’t feel any symptoms of the coronavirus. Kids going back to school are at risk of being infected and bringing the virus back home to their older relatives. As of July 12th, 1 in 6 Dubuque County residents have been tested, with an overall positive test rate of 6.3 percent.

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