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City Employees React to New Parental Leave Policy

City employees in Dubuque are happy that the city now offers paid time off for the birth or adoption of a child. The City Council last month approved a new policy that gives full-time employees up to twelve weeks of paid paternal leave. The policy applies to both mothers and fathers of children who are born, adopted, or are moved to their home from foster care. One employee who will be taking advantage of the new offering is Anne Schreyer. She began working in the City Manager’s office in February. At that time, the city offered no paid paternal leave. Schreyer says continuing to receive a salary while she’s off will make things a lot easier. City Personnel Manager Randy Peck believes the policy change will make the city a much more attractive employer. Dubuque’s offering is more generous than two other major cities in eastern Iowa. Iowa City offers four weeks of paid time off to city employees, while Waterloo doesn’t offer any.

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