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City Council-City Manager

After a council member’s resignation, a divided Dubuque City Council halted an impending investigation into the city’s workplace culture. Last week, KCRG-TV9 detailed a letter showing four city council members advocating to fire city manager Mike Van Milligen, citing issues with secrecy, threats, and workplace culture. More documents reveal that the council was on the cusp of doing something about this behavior, only to have progress stopped when Kate Larson resigned. On August 19th, Larson announced at the end of a council meeting that she had to resign due to a move for a job change. Larson’s seat was left vacant which meant there was no longer a majority on the council willing to investigate the city manager. Mayor Roy Buol was very direct against the investigation. In the closed session he is quoted as saying, “It was a God-send that Kate left. It was. Because what this would’ve done to the city, I would hold all of you responsible for the rest of your lives because this would be disastrous.” After last week’s election, only one of the four council members who supported firing Van Milligen will still be on the council come January. Larson, Brett Shaw, Jake Rios, and Luis Del Toro wanted to fire Van Milligen, while Mayor Buol, Ric Jones, and David Resnick opposed.

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