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Cities Struggle with Possible Plastic Straw Bans

As cities across the US consider placing bans on plastic straws, those who have physically disabilities want to be included in the discussions. Several large cities have passed bans on the straws, and a couple of large restaurant chains have said they’ll stop putting plastic straws in their drinks. Conservation leaders, including Bev Wagner from the Dubuque Metro Landfill, say that the discussion surrounding straws is part of a larger conversation people should be having about how much plastic they use. But some people say they need the plastic straws. Dubuque resident Rebekah Harvey helps care for her twin brother, Joel, who suffers from a rare genetic disease. It makes it hard for him to control his muscles, which can make holding onto a drinking cup difficult. That’s why he often uses a straw. Rebekah is hoping those pushing for straw bans will take a few more perspectives into consideration. San Francisco became the latest major US city to ban plastic straws late last month, joining Seattle, Miami Beach, and Berkeley.

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