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Caucus Night Wrap

Democrats in Dubuque County were out caucusing hard and heavy for their candidates last night. With the withdrawal of former U.S. Congressman John Delaney from the race last week, there were a total of 11 candidates on the precinct ballot, but only three were viable. At least that was the case at precinct 14 at Audobon Elementary School. Senator Bernie Sanders was the top vote getter, while Pete Buttigieg came in second and Senator Elizabeth Warren captured third place. Jill Pollock of Dubuque initially caucused on behalf of Minnesota Governor Amy Klobuchar. But when she was deemed not viable because of a lack of supporters, Pollock switched over to Warren. But she still had praise for Klobuchar. Emily Blue of Dubuque is a Buttigieg supporter, and she likes the message he’s been delivering to Iowans. Addison Aronson of Dubuque has supported the Bernie Sanders campaign from the get-go. He says Sanders is the only candidate that can beat President Trump in a head-to-head race. There are ads out now saying that Iowans won’t support a socialist for the White House, but Aronson disagrees. Precinct 14 selected three delegates who will represent Sanders at the county convention, while Buttigieg will have two and Warren one. That convention will be held on March 21st.



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