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Carnegie-Stout Community Engagement

Officials at the Carnegie-Stout Public Library said that efforts in recent years to increase public engagement with the facility have been successful. Susan Henricks, director at the library, said the organization began the effort in 2015 with the goal of improving the facility and increasing outreach in the community. They created space for a 3D printer, a recording room and offered other amenities. The program also focused on involvement in the community. The library started programs at various grade schools as well as after school programs like the Boys and Girls Club. Henricks tells our coverage partners, KCRG TV, the initiatives also eliminated late fees, which increased library visitors. Other changes to help increase accessibility include checkout of nontraditional items like virtual reality goggles, baking pans, and workout kits. Officials are hoping to get started on their next round of initiatives in the next month. The plan is set to be put together by July and will account for the next three to five years at the library.

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