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Break In And Assault Results In Probation

A man who was involved in a break-in and assault in Dubuque last year has been sentenced to probation. 21 year old Cory Bryson pleaded guilty to one felony count of second degree burglary and was given two-to-five years of probation. As part of the deal, the county attorney’s office agreed to suspend a ten year prison sentence. In late September Bryson, 28 year old Domino Raggs and a juvenile knocked on the door of an apartment on East 14th Street. Once inside the three, who wore bandannas over their faces, assaulted a man, while his five month old was present. Bryson had a golf club, while the juvenile was armed with a BB gun. The victim was able to take the BB gun away from the juvenile during the incident which led to all three of the suspects fleeing the apartment. Raggs has since been arrested and charged with first degree burglary.

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