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WD Administrator: Impact of “Summer Slide” Overstated


Schoolchildren may not be losing as much knowledge over the summer as previously thought. That’s according to Dubuque County school administrator, who says the so-called “summer slide” may be overstated. It’s been estimated that kids who don’t read or study over the summer can lose as much as two months worth of instruction. But Western Dubuque Curriculum Director Kelly Simon says that data doesn’t take into account how quickly students get back into their school routines. Simon estimates that most students will regain anything they lost over the summer within a couple of weeks. Simon encourages students to think of their brain as a muscle that they need to keep in shape over the summer break. As far as how much time kids should spend reading or studying over the summer, Simon says it’s difficult to say. She says it’s also important for kids to have a chance to be kids for a couple of months. Prior to becoming WD’s curriculum director, Simon spent ten years in the classroom as a middle school English teacher.

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