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Several Jail Staff Positions Moving to Full-Time in Cost-Saving Move


In a move that could save Dubuque County as much as a quarter-million dollars this year, several staff positions at the county jail will be shifted from part-time to full-time. The change was recently approved by the county’s Board of Supervisors. Ten jobs currently classified as part-time will be converted into full-time staff. Supervisor Board Chairman Jay Wickham says many of those part-time jobs go unfilled, which leads to full-time workers racking up overtime hours. So far this year, deputies working in the jail have accumulated about $74,000 in overtime pay. That’s already more than they had in all of calendar year 2016. Wickham says they’ve also seen quite a bit of turnover in the part-time jail staff. That turnover led to the county paying to train new staffers almost constantly. Wickham says that’s another issue that with change will resolve. Wickham believes that the current staffing level at the jail is sufficient for now, but could have to change if the number of inmates being housed goes up. The part-time to full-time switch was proposed by Sheriff Joe Kennedy. He had initially asked the supervisors to convert nine part-time positions into six full-time jobs.

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