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School Board Sets Hearing on Alta Vista Campus Expansion

The Dubuque School Board has set the date for a public hearing date on the planned expansion of the Alta Vista Campus. That’s where some of the district’s alternative learning students study, though some of those students attend Hillcrest Family Services or Four Oaks. The district plans to expand the Alta Vista Campus to make room for those students. Superintendent Stan Rheingans says the expansion of the Alta Vista Campus will pay for itself. The expanded campus will have three levels to accommodate all of the students. A gymnasium would also be part of the project. The district budgeted six million dollars for the project, though Rheingans says the actual cost will depend on what bids are received. The public hearing for the project will be held on August 6th at The Forum on Chaney Road. The district currently plans to have the expansion complete in time for the start of the 2019-2020 school year.

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