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Riverview Center Hosts SART Summit

A Dubuque-based victim advocacy group held a summit this week to educate those who respond to reports of sexual assault. The Riverview Center brought together members of several Sexual Assault Response Teams from across eastern Iowa. Those teams can be made up of law enforcement officers, educators, social workers…basically anyone who might be asked to help a victim after an assault has happened. Brandi Lewin of the Riverview Center says it’s important for victims to know there are people who want to help. One of the presenters at the summit was retired law enforcement officer Justin Boardman. He spoke about changing how responders communicate with victims, something that helped his department grow its sexual assault reporting rate by 400 percent. Among the attendees was Iowa National Guard Judge Advocate Benjamin Hayek. He says there were some valuable take-aways. The Riverview Center estimates that a sexual assault happens every 98 seconds in the United States.

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