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Republican Race for Ag Secretary Appears Headed to Convention

It appears that the Republican nominee for Iowa Agriculture Secretary will have to be decided at the party’s convention later this month. That’s because incumbent Mike Naig is short of the 35% threshold required to be declared the winner of the primary election. Naig currently sits at 34.74% support, having won more than 30,000 votes statewide. His nearest competitor is Delaware County State Senator Dan Zumbach, who received 21% support with just shy of 19,000 votes. Former Iowa Farm Bureau President Craig Lang is currently third among the five candidates. If Naig’s total remains below the 35% mark after the results are made official, the nominee will be chosen by party activists at the state convention. That’s scheduled to be held in Des Moines a week from Saturday. The eventual nominee will face Tim Gannon in November’s general election. Gannon was unopposed in the Democratic primary.

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