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Prairie Du Chien Principal Charged With Abuse

Authorities have charged a Prairie Du Chien principal with physical abuse of a child. According to court documents Aaron Amundson, the principal at Bluff View Intermediate School, gave a 14 year old student a chemical burn after using a chemical cleaner on the child’s hand. Our coverage partners at KCRG TV tell us the student had two letters written on his hand with a permanent marker that were inappropriate for school on March 21st. When Amundson was made of aware of this, he took the child to a janitor’s closet and attempted to get the marker off using water and a white Scotch Brite pad but it didn’t work. He then used a “chemical gum cleaner” that he found in the closet and sprayed the child’s hand and scrubbed it with a pad until the marker came off. But it burned the child’s skin. His mother Melody Cox took her son to the emergency room and then to the police department to report it. Cox says other parents have complained about Amundson’s behavior in the past and this is the last straw. Cox says she didn’t find out about the incident until a couple days later. The school has placed Amundson on non-disciplinary paid leave until the district completes its’ investigation. Physical abuse of a child is a Class 1 felony.

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